The Italian Experience in Pictures

Florence in My Frame-2017

What would be better than traveling alone? I am not talking about the fun part here, but the exploring one. No one would tell you what time to wake up or sleep. You get to manage your own schedule. You try whatever restaurants you want to try, and walk wherever you want without anyone nagging on the distance. The best of all is having your camera to capture the best of it!

My first time to Italy was in 2014. I have visited my first dream destination. Fell in love with the city, left my heart there and came back. Ever since I visit this country every year.

Rome ( The Capital)

Rome in My Frame-2014

Rome is the capital city of Italy. Try to arrive there first. Take the Train from the airport to the central train station. Then take the Metro to the Spanish steps. To start with, your hotel location should be there, it will be your best location to gather the vibes.

The best places to visit in Rome are the following :

Piazza di Spagna- Piazza Venezzia-Fontana di Trevi-Piazza Navona-the colosseum-El Castello di San Marino and the river-and of course The Vatican


in My Frame-2017
Il Duomo in My Frame-2017

It is very easy in Italy to visit the best cities with a Train ride. If You want to go Renaissance go Florence, the capital of Tuscany’s region.

Florence streets My Frame-2015

My favorite places in this magical city were :

Florence majestic Cathedral ( Il Duomo)-The stone bridge of Ponte Vecchio-The Uffizi Museum- and surely a must do is to hike up to Piazzalo Michelangelo for the best view recommended on sunset for the magic hour.


Take a one day trip to the city of medieval brick buildings, Sienna. Just walk around and grab the most positive energy. Don’t forget to taste their yummy special desserts!

Siena in My Frame-2017
Siena in My Frame-2017
Siena in My Frame-2017
Siena in My Frame-2017
Siena in My Frame-2017


Milan is the city of fashion. It is the central financial hub of this beautiful country. It is a metropolis one.

The Gothic Cathedral – Milan Siena in My Frame-2018

Milan Cathedral-Sforza Castle-Galleria Vittorio Emanuele 2 are the places you don’t want to miss.


Venice in My frame-2018
Venice in My frame-2018
Venice in My frame-2018

Try to visit Venice before it’s too late!

Canals in My Frame-2018

It is build on more than 100 islands. It is the capital of northern Veneto region. It has no roads but you can go with the grand Canal thoroughfare lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. My romantic ride was with my first love, my Camera. To be honest, Venice is the most crowded city I saw in Italy according to its size.

The best places to visit are : Piazza San Marco-Saint Mark’s Basilica-and The Burano colorful fishermen’s Island.

Cinque Terre

Ever since I was young, I wanted to visit the village that has my name, Manarola.

It happens to be among the 5 very old small villages on the Riviera coastline, in Northwest Italy.

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. 5 Villages names I will never forget.

Manarola in My Frame-2018
Manarola in My Frame-2018
Manarola in My Frame-2018
Vernazza in My Frame-2018
Riomaggiore in My Frame-2018
Riomaggiore in My Frame-2018

That’s how I enjoy traveling to Italy, taking my favorite frames to be forever a great country in my eyes! Part two will be posted soon with a trip across south Italy.

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