The Story…

My name is Manar Wehbe. I was born on the 15th of August 1991. I am proudly Lebanese.

I have lived all my life in Beirut, went to 3 different schools, and lived the war like any other Lebanese kid back then.

Ever since I was young, I dreamt to be a film director. So I did my BA in Radio TV and Film at the Lebanese American University. I spent my Uni days in the Theatre and thats how my whole life changed. I grew a theatre obsession. I became passionate with all the process into doing plays, and that what Ive been working for 7 years now.

I worked in production crews since 2010, and in any production whether it was Film/TV or Theatre. Had some Photography and Videography work in other and planned some small events.

Until, I thought of this world turning digital. And as a plus to my career I decided to do my Masters in Digital Media and Communications in he University of Nicosia-Cyprus.

I am always someone who wants to tell the world what is happening, and tries to read about everything. I am someone who likes to give opinions and reviews of many things around. I am someone who adores photography.

So this is my blog that contains bits and pieces about some important things in our lives and my way in appreciating it.

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