Lebanon and top 4 Christmas Songs!

Ever wondered what has happened on the release date of our Christmas favorite hits? Let’s check together!

Top 4

Merry Christmas Everyone -1995

Snow is falling , all around me, children playing having fun!

At the time this song was hitting, Lebanon was going through hard times, with double wars, the Civil and the Israeli one.

A masterpiece was released by Julia Boutros to replicate what we were going through at that days. It was ” Ghabet Shames El 7ak”.

Top 3

Little Drummer Boy-1982

Well, Drums were bombs here! 1982 who would forget the date of Israeli invasion!

Top 2

Jingle Bells rock! 1958

And who would dare to forget The Mean Girls!

President Camille Chamoune asks the US to send troops to preserve Lebanon’s independence. The US sends marines

Top 1

Mary’s Boy Child/ Oh My Lord-1978

Was it really tears of joy? Where was the world when this happened?

Israel launches a major invasion of southern Lebanon.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let’s stop being negative and enjoy what we’ve been through. Let’s look at the positive this day, and let us sing along!

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