Warm Christmas in Thailand!

Snow is falling all around you? You are lighting up your chimneys to get a warm holy night. The lights on the streets are spreading hope. And you sit there with your family and friends waiting for Santa and singing the most memorable songs.

I chose to travel a 12 hours flight to the other side of the world, to get a natural warm Christmas vibe.

We started our trip with visiting the capital Bangkok. The most vibrant city I’ve ever visited. The coolest in Bangkok are the luxurious hotels that you can book a suite in for less than 30$ for a night per person. We managed to book in a top notch hotel in the heart of the city center, surrounded by huge skyscrapers. Luckily, we took a room on the last upper floor, with a view of the whole city.

Jet lag was big issue for us, so it is recommended to book your flight to be over night so when you arrive in the morning you wont be sleepy at all. Spend your whole day, and then sleep at night, by that you will be relaxed.

Touring in Bangkok

It it highly recommended to try a tuctuc If you don’t have one at your countries. They are open space, so you can easily look around, and they are cheaper than a taxi ride.

Thailand in My Frame

China Town

This is a two in one area. You can visit the China Town to be introduced to small Chinese streets of Shanghai and Hong Kong in Thailand.

Canal Tours

Do not visit Bangkok without taking a fairy to tour through the city canals and the old city. The same port takes you to the floating flower market. This tour introduced me to a whole new culture in this huge world. And that was the best I’ve seen in Bangkok. A place where you can see very old floating houses on the river, with authentic families playing around the area.

Bangkok Floating Market in My Frame.
The river of Bangkok in My Frame

The next day we took an internal flight to Phuket.

The moment we reached Phuket, we headed to the first trips office and booked all our boat trips to the most beautiful islands in the world.

Phuket Island

The warm sun, the white sands, and the clear beaches are the best to experience on a cold Christmas. We stayed at the Patong beach in a 5 stars resort right in front of the beach for almost 15 dollars a night. What could be better for a vacation? The boat tours!

We have separated our tours for 7 days. I recommend the fast speed boats that we tried for the last 3 days, It was way more flexible.

The views are dreamy and as beautiful as our old desktop wallpapers. Never thought I could see such wonderful views in my whole life. The days in Phuket were amazing with all the positive energy you can get. I preferred our nights on the balcony or on the pool of the resort, because the nightlife in Phuket is not the best for nightlife destinations. The only good club I tried was “Illusion” in Patong club street.

The most recommended Islands are the following:

PhiPhi Island-Similan Island-Coral Island-Koh Yao Yai Island-Koh Khai Island-Koh Bon Island-James Bond Island.

Unfortunately you can’t take your camera to all of the above Islands but a few of them. Take a look on the pictures to see a tourist human view to them.

PhiPhi in My Frame
Similan Island in My Frame
James Bond Island In My Frame

The video above talks about all the fun you can have in Thailand. A very warm Christmas to be spent there.

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