This video will help you a lot!

Abstract In This Paper, I will be conducting a Media Discourse Analysis on a health awareness short animated film posted by World Health Organization (WHO, 2012) on YouTube. The video is written and illustrated by Matthew Johnstone who also have a book about illustrating his own story of overcoming depression. I will be also analyzing depression as a mental health disorder mentioning its symptoms and … Continue reading This video will help you a lot!

Samsung’s Note 7 literally on fire!

Perfect example for Crisis management in public relations. Abstract After the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in the States and South Korea it was recalled within few weeks later. This paper will examine a literature sited within the theory of Crisis Management by Crandall, W. R., Parnell, J. A., & Spillan, J. E. (2013). Then it will be conducting the methods taken as the … Continue reading Samsung’s Note 7 literally on fire!

The 12 months of 2018- Lebanon

January PM Jebran Bassil talks in a private meeting about Nabih Berri, saying he is a “Baltagi”. As Lebanese are always surprised by the rain or by every time the electricity goes off, they were also shocked by this and kept arguing about it through months. February The beginning of the biggest lies! The election campaigns. March Ziad Itany is not guilty! What a great … Continue reading The 12 months of 2018- Lebanon

Lebanon and top 4 Christmas Songs!

Ever wondered what has happened on the release date of our Christmas favorite hits? Let’s check together! Top 4 Merry Christmas Everyone -1995 Snow is falling , all around me, children playing having fun! At the time this song was hitting, Lebanon was going through hard times, with double wars, the Civil and the Israeli one. A masterpiece was released by Julia Boutros to replicate … Continue reading Lebanon and top 4 Christmas Songs!

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The Italian Experience in Pictures

What would be better than traveling alone? I am not talking about the fun part here, but the exploring one. No one would tell you what time to wake up or sleep. You get to manage your own schedule. You try whatever restaurants you want to try, and walk wherever you want without anyone nagging on the distance. The best of all is having your … Continue reading The Italian Experience in Pictures